Confessions of a perfectionist.

Waiting for perfection is like waiting for a day that may never come. All your hard work may come undone

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All aboard the 20.99th

“All aboard the 20.99th”

Oi! Chel, strap in, quick quick! We’re on a tight schedule, “turbulence ahead “ says Channel 2017. It’s looking like one heeeellll of a whirlwind. Excuse my manners. I’m chel from the future. Nice to meet ya! I know all about you. You’ve just had your 20th birthday haven’t ya luv.

Well, I’ve got you a birthday present my sweet pea. A ticket!

ON BOARD💺🛫✈️: flight-2017/20. You will experience many ups and downs, twists and turns. You will go on a journey of self that takes you across the world and down under on many levels. Flying through the skies. An expedition at its finest. Prepare for the ride and pack light, baggage only slows you down and everything is subject to loss. Appreciate the times you had them and cherish every. single. breathing. second.

TRANSIT at 2018/20.99

Welcome the new experiences.

New gifts will be packed in your suitcase. The new year brings a new start, clean heart. Live. Live every single moment. Be bold, be brave. Believe in yourself. Know that wherever you go God is walking with you.

Talk to Him, He knows you. He knows you better than yourself. Allow Him to reveal you to you and see what He sees. You were upset with Him before and asked ‘why me?’…but everything happens for a reason. Broken down to be built back up plated with gold, as strong as reinforced titanium. One of a kind ✨.

“Not everything can be changed cos life gives lessons to be learnt,👩🏾‍🎓

There’s a season and reason

And yeah you might get burnt.🤷🏾‍♀️

But through pressure reveals diamonds 💎 , God was saying it to me,

On so many levels, He was @’ting differently📢”

Nothing compares to you.


-chel xo.

Cruel fairytale: On a different page.

The story of these two continues. Constantly more in store to explore…

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Cruel fairytale: The beginning

A series in tale of two; two hearts, two minds. An energy electric, their frequencies change the tempo of the music that they could make.

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Tek timeee

A lot of the time now we are on the go and busy with so many things occupying our lives that we forget to just take a break. We have so much going on and commit to saying; YES we need to do this, that and the third, otherwise we will have to face x,y& z consequences. Now, granted we have responsibilities, but sometimes can we just give ourselves time to take a chill pill? Sit back, breathe, take it all in to be still in the moment. Life’s responsibilities can often pull us from here to there and constantly causing us to be on the go. We find our minds being occupied by copious amounts of little things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Always thinking about what’s next- sometimes take the passenger seat and let life take the wheel.

giphy (3).gif

Last week I attended Sprint, a 3 day women’s development programme for undergraduates. It was all about encouraging professional women to harness their holistic health; encompassing the mind, body and wellness. In between the days we would have breaks for deep breathing and meditation for literally 5 minutes, it seems small but just adds that bit of serenity to your day. Sometimes literally just coming out of your head- clears your head. giphy.gif

It’s okay to go with the flow and let the reigns go sometimes. Ironically, my tattoo says ‘mind over matter‘; which I guess I do, I let my mind rule and plan all things matter. But I deeped it, a new perspective, what really matters is the mind itself. It too needs TLC and a break. It’s the hardest working organ in your body and without it you cease to exist. Health is wealth- and your mind is gold. Take care of it, often we only realise when we’re exhausted and burnt out.



5 facts about multitasking and the brain;

  1. Multitasking leads to as much as a 40% drop in productivity, increased stress, and a 10% drop in IQ (Bergman, 2010). Resulting in decreases in attention span, learning, performance, and short-term memory
  2. Media’s power to interrupt is growing exponentially. In one study a group of Microsoft workers took an average of 15 minutes to return to serious mental tasks (writing reports or computer code), after responding to incoming email or instant messages.
  3. Our attention spans are getting shorter. In 2000, the average attention span was 12 seconds. Now it’s 8 seconds. That’s shorter than the 9-second attention span of the average goldfish.- a friggin GOLDFISH, bruh its mad
  4. Naps improve your brains day to day performance by helping to solidify memories
  5. Think you’re in control of your life? Think again. 95% of your decisions take place in your subconscious mind.giphy (2).gif

Do you ever sometimes daydream? In your head everything is planned out and perfect. So surreal with sparkles, sweet sounds of singing, soft surroundings and being all attune to the subtle sublime intricacies of life. Whilst Jhené Aiko’s mellifluous mellow melodies melt into the background and the ethereal atmosphere consumes you; the warm water and sunshine caressing your skin letting it deepen the shades of melanin magic and removing each trouble with every turn of the tideOK, now snap the back to reality *Eminem voice*.  More time, the best things happens without all that scrupulous planning. You never know, what may happen in life when you just set aside all your methodical calculations- like sorry Einstein, got it all figured out and that. Just take that chance and don’t worry so much about having everything under control-  the chance you take can be life changing after all.

There’s a reason why everything has happened the way it has. W97650a7a75583ce3664cafa68e59aed8hy you are here in this moment and time, location and generation. If you didn’t take that route to work or attended that specific uni/college, or even chosen to walk left rather than right, your outcome would be different. All these choices are the bricks that pave the road and journey we take in life. Tomorrow isn’t promised, and not everything has to be planned out. I’m sure God laughs at us when we plan and be like – lololol oh, you thoug
ht, you rilly rilly thought- nice try young naïve soul. Everything will happen by the volition of God, and His timing is perfect timing. Scripture says, ‘Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself’ Matthew 6:34 . Each day has enough trouble of its own.

So my challenge to you is, mental time out and choose pick one of the following…

  1. Take a break of at least 15 minutes when working;  Studies have shown that this improves productivity by allowing for mind-wandering, this means no social media (you can listen to music tho ;)).
  2.  Meditate- research links meditation to a decrease in stress and anxiety, and an increase in creativity, memory recall and productivity
  3. Listen to your body, if yuh need fi sleep- gwan ah yuh bed.

Go with the flow, as Dory says just keep swimming x

Thanks for joining me, nice to have you here but I want you to go now. GO! Go on, close them beautiful eyes for me- just be present in the moment and relax for a couple minutes, pretty pleaseeee. You deserve a rest, don’t feel guilty- you’ve earned it.

P.S. If you have any tips I’d love to know, share them in the comments 🙂



Mums everywhere you know that you are amazing,👵🏾👩‍👦🤰🏾

Where ever you go and to whoever your presence graces👸🏾

Smiles, joy and beauty that is what is emanated💁🏾

Even to express it, it seems like it’s understated🗣

Words can’t express the commitment it takes to be a mother,

24/7 you are there for yours like no other.

Self- made & running tings- she’s the jack of all trades,

Dummy in her hand when she about to get paid.🍼💸

Said and done it all & more from before we was made,

That’s why I guess, – mummy does know best💁🏾

And she knows you can do it so she puts you to the test.🙌🏾👍🏾

download (2)


Pushes all your boundaries from when you were knee high,🙇🏽

Remember on that bicycle, when you fell and you cried😭🚴🏿

But, it’s only a mothers eye who can see the greatness in her youths, 

Always has her trust in you, you never have to prove.giphy.gif


You did it in the end, like she told you from the start🙌🏾

And even if you fall apart she’s there to mend your heart💔❤️

Support system, friend and mother all in one💞

Can’t wait til I have my  turn, you make it look so fun🙋🏾giphy (2).gif

Money March

As we are coming to the end of a financial year and April is fast approaching, it’s that time to review our mulaa.

According to Puff Daddy ft. The Notorious B.I.G. et al (1997)  It’s All About The Benjamin’s Baby. So  “Now what y’all wanna do you wanna be ballers, shot callers, brawlers”? 

I’d be the first to tell you my motto is ‘treat yo self girll, life’s too short’ ‘ah my money fi spen’ and yes I stand by that, really and truly money doesn’t enter the graves with us and we work for what we have. However, it is still imperative that we are careful and prudent with our spending habits. In regards to money my mum has always said- work smart and not hard (wish she would say this with other things too lol).With this in mind, at an early age I’ve adopted a save before you spend attitude.

What do you wanna work toward getting?

The power of the pen is amazing. Visualize what you want so it is easier to get that plan into action. Write out your regular outgoings, then your long and short term financial goals- set the tone of your budget.

Regular outgoings-

It’s paydayyyyyy ….. then you deep you have responsibilities…. aaand most things aren’t free :/. So where’s ya money going?

lizz money.gifRent, Phone bill, Gym, Netflix, Music streaming, Petrol, Food, Nails, Trim? …Whatever it is,write it the cost and add it all up. We’ll get back to this later.

If the total is looking like who? what? what? what?where? how did we get right there? You maayy need to compromise on a couple things. This doesn’t mean cutting it out completely- just find alternatives 🙂


‘I made sacrifices I been balling ever since’ Graham, A.D (More life, 2017)

Short term

What things do you want within the next year?

Life is for livinggg, tomorrow really isn’t guaranteed. Live for the moments and memories. Work hard and play harder. Do what you want that makes you happy tbh, as long as you live within your means- who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too. More life.kenan

Work, work, work, work, work, work… yuh betta do yuh research search search search search. *sings like rihanna, gun shots and body rolls* *and hope a miracle lands in ya lap too- fingers crossed.body roll.gif

Search for the best deals and compromise where you can if it puts your other goals in jeopardy. Be flexible and ask if it is a necessity. Balance everything out

Holiday Look around for the best deal. Monique Monrowes travel blog literally takes you through every step of travelling for less. Moneysavingexperts travel money max tool is great for getting you the best exchange rate at airports and the highstreet.

Car– Bear in mind the maintenance costs, it will bite you in the bum later if ya not careful

Concerts/Big spends/ Spa… other stuff you wanna get-  Take advantage of sales, discount codes and sites like wowcher, groupon, vouchercodes can help you save money on the things you want. If you’re a student; student discount -exploit that shit, use it, use it and use it again.

Long term- these are the things you want in the future, think ahead!

Start saving for your long term goals from now, and save your future self from the stress boo. A little now, will turn into a lot later.

What are your long-term goals?

A house? Travel fund to go exploring? Car?. – you tell me.

Work out roughly how much you need to save toward each goal and how much time it will take to achieve this. Natwest’s saving goal calculator is a great tool for this, it’s quick and saves you doing math that simply, ain’t nobody got time for. Put the numbers in and get calculating…

Save for your different goals and make it clear by separating the things you are saving for. As I said earlier, have your cake and eat it too. You can do it all, things just tek time so prioritise and work toward them all.


Determine where your money needs to go for the goals you have in mind.

Where to put my mula?

ISA’s (individual savings account): These are great for saving money for thpiggye long term. Anything you are saving for that doesn’t need to be touched for a while, save it here.Set up a standing order so a set amount of money goes in every month to get to your goal.The interest rates on these accounts are higher than your normal current account, so move your money here, sit back and watch it grow. The more you put in and the longer it stays in there-the more schmoney you get out ;). Look for the best interest rate, review it and read the requirements. If the rate is more competitive in other banks, switch! Make your money work for you.

rain richEasy access savings account- This is your saving for a rainy day account. When your bank account is looking schweet, save before even thinking of spending. Save as much as you can, it accumulates to a lot over the year.When funds are lower you’ll have extra money to dip into and can accommodate them spontaneous splurges- cheeky holiday or shopping spree maybe?


Notice savings account- This is perfect if you are tempted to spend easily. Any time you want to take money out you have to give the bank notice. For each bank the notice period varies but generally ranges from 7 days all the way up to 30.So that on the spot spending…yeahhh that can’t run.

jamaican proverb

IMPORTANT NOTICEEE– Please, please and please. Set yourself a safety net. What is the minimum amount of money you need to live comfortably for the month?
Try to avoid your main account getting below this if payday isn’t anytime soon. Savings can save ya for a while, but plan to replace it- ask when and how. Bounce back babyy.

Current account- Your main account. The one where you’re like lololololol I defo didn’t no no nobuy all of that. Not me, never. N-n-n-n-nooooo. But yes. It was you. it was aalllll YOU. It is hard to keep track of all your purchases sometimes, all the little things really do add up. Sometimes it’s nice to visually see where your money is going. Money supermarket’s ‘OnTrees’  app does just that, and allows you to access multiple bank accounts all in one place, a great tool to keep check on that coin ;).

Useful links!

Here’s some links to pages that are great for guidance on what the most suitable account may be for ya. Compare using more than one site for the best results as each is different :). Money Advice ServiceWhich, MoneySavingExpert, MoneySupermarket


Alright, so remember your regular outgoings?  Once you’ve saved, do they balance out with your income? Or do you see hella red arrows out on your statement and now want re-evaluate all decisions you’ve ever made in life- can we get an amen if you can relate *hands up*clueless shop

If so, then it’s time to get thinking with your hustlers hat. The last thing you want is to be unable to pay your bills. From phone bills, Netflix to gym, we agree to a contracts and have an obligation toward the other party to pay for their services. Don’t overstretch yourself beyond your means, you’ll just cause yourself unnecessary stress. Compromise where you can to make life easier on yourself. Being able to demonstrate financial responsibility is so important, it shows that you are a responsible to lenders. Nowadays it is made hard to secure loans; which at some stage in life you are more than likely going to need. So credit rating is really important. BUTTTT! Don’t worry too much if you do get into bad credit, it can be erased over time 😉

You got a couple of options…

  1. Generate more income; part-time work, selling items you no longer use and market research/focus groups are easy ways to make extra cash
  2. Taking advantage of offers, free trials, discounts, vouchers and loyalty rewards; cinema 2 for 1’s, domino’s 2 for Tuesdays, 6 months amazon prime student, alla dat- do your ting.
  3. Making some swaps or compromises; swap drinks outside for cocktail night in or instead of eating out,there’s rice at home g.
  4. Or re- evaluate the time frame to reach your goal 😉

And if all else fails, become a sugar baby  x- jk jk