Pick up the phoneee babyy

Recently, I read a tweet ‘technology has connected the world and disconnected all humans’.

I read this and was actually triggered. Let’s be honest, technology is literally at the centre of all things. When you wake up, is it not the sweet screech of that alarm that jolts you out of sleep? Then is it not technology that graces your ears with mellifluous melodies as you are getting ready. Throughout the day, we rely on technology so much whether it be to check emails, social media or research. It connects us in a multitude of ways that we often take for granted. For a lot of us, we have loved ones that live far from where are currently based; which means that we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like. Technology is such a blessing and can connect those that live oceans apart, to near close and live in the flesh through means of video technology. Yet, referring back to the statement, humans still manage to be disconnected.

I’ve got a question for ya; Are you a caller or texter? Here’s the stats break down for communication:

  • Words– 7%
  • Tone– 38%
  • Body language– 55%

Pros of calling- “pick up the phone babyyy”

  • Speak about more in a shorter amount of time; Allows for a deeper conversation, an hour on the phone could be equivalent to days worth of messaging- depending on response times of course
  • Allows for tone; this picks up for where texts lack. It is revealed is your loool really a loool?
  • Multitasking; you can walk and talk, get ready and talk, even drive and talk. Now try texting and driving for 10 minutes ;). *disclaimer, I did not say this tbh- keep your eyes and ears on the road x

Pros of messaging- “gyal a whatsapp and a sen text gimme di SMS”

  • Multitasking; did she forget what she wrote before orrr?- Okay not for driving of coursee, but if you aren’t about to go into a long ass conversation, texting brings attention to the thing at hand and carry you on with your tasks. Kills two birds in one stone- everyone is happy!
  • Convenience; texting is super convenient in so many ways; eases communication for those with speech impediments for example! When I got my tonsils removed and couldn’t talk bruuhhh texts were my saving grace; music stream isn’t disrupted :); you can message in situations where you can’t talk- remember the times where you buss jokes over text with your mate in an awks situation…
  • Memories; You can go on a nostalgic trip with a visual representation of conversations that you’ve had….
  • Sharing; links, pictures, videos etc.
  • Visuals; emojis, gifs, vid’s you naaame it! The content you can add to messages are endless


Now with all these pros of communication that technology brings, over HALF of how we communicate is perceived through body language. Consequently, communication through technology leaves great room for areas of miscommunication and allows for interpretation and assumption from both parties. Take for instance this sentence: ‘I never said she stole my money’. This can be interpreted in SEVEN, yes 7 different ways depending, on which word you stress of course. Now, if this were in person it would be a whole lot easier to discern the meaning and they’d be much less twiddling your thumbs and furrowing ya brows over what they just said.


In my opinion, technology is supposed to be a bridge of communication and a substitute to actual time being spent with someone if they are unreachable. However, nowadays actual effort in communication seems to take a lesser priority when all the requirement for communication is a text message alone. Thus, allowing the bar to be set so low. In this sense, it seems as though the quality of relationships between humans may have suffered compared to those that were back in the day. In a time where more you had to bop and brave this brutal weather to check up on your people in person. You’d deffo appreciate those who go out of their way to make time to sustain the relationship much much more. Technology has made the job of sustaining relationships even easier tbh, it is just a phone call away to check up on your loved ones and arrange to see them. There is actually no excuse for us millenials now. If your grandparents had to trek to phonebox for a simple call, we can all definitely pick up the phone babyyy. Really and truly in theory, technology should have- connected the world and connected all humans’.


Anyways, i’m out xxx


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